Renewable energies

Familie Späth auf dem Energiedachgarten

As most of the hotel, also the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Victoria is a major consumer of energy. In order to contribute to the protection of the environment, we rely on the environmentally friendly energy sources of our region: sun, wind, water and wood. Learn more


Conservation of natural ressources

Umweltschuatzmaßnahmen im Hotelzimmer

The basis of a sensible protection of the environment is the sensible handling of resources. In order to waste as little energy as possible without restricting our guests comfort. Learn more


Comfort & Environment

High-quality materials
We attached particular importance on the environmental sustainability when we furnished the rooms. By the use of permanent, high quality natural materials, we ensure the exclusive and sustainable character of our interior.    

Thus, we charged carpenter’s workshops from the surrounding area that only use wood from the region, such as 150 year-old oak wood for some of our bedside tables, with the production of some pieces of furniture.  And in the bathrooms we used marble for the floors and Corian (instead of plastic) for the wash basins. In all rooms furnished with parquet, we only installed oiled and waxed solid wood floorings. Our entire bedclothes and the feather pillows are produced according Oeko-Tex standards that cause significantly less allergies than conventional textiles. In general, we also pay attention to the fact we only use environmentally friendly materials such as e.g. water-soluble paints and varnishes in the entire hotel.

Economical use of resources
Particularly resource-saving devices were installed in the rooms such as e.g. the elegant flat screen TVs that consume less than 1.2 Watt of electricity, energy-saving but bright LED lamps and the mini-bars equipped with „Fuzzy-Logic“ that consume 30% less energy than conventional devices.  

All toilet tanks were refitted and equipped with a stop button and only consume 6 liters of water instead of 9 liters per flushing.  This measure alone saves approximately 150.000 liters of drinking water per year.  And the use of flow restrictors in wash basins and showers additionally minimized the unnecessary consumption of water. And our ergonomically designed bathtubs do not only ensure a comfortable bathing experience but also consume 30% less water than the average bathtub.

We continuously improve our environmental protection concepts because the protection of our environment is a key element of the integrated management system in the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Victoria. This is why you may really take “unique atmosphere with well-being and comfort“ literally in our hotel.

Team im Victoria Hotel Freiburg


Our environmental protection activities will only be effective if they are actively supported by all of our employees.  This is why we define all objectives for the quality improvement and the protection of the environment and the responsibilities in our annual objective planning which is developed together with all of our employees and executives. Those objectives are checked in regular meetings and new employees are trained regarding environmental protection issues. We also celebrate our successes together with our employees and organize regular company outings to environmental projects. Needless to say that all of our employees get a free-of-charge Regio-ticket by means of which they are able to use the entire network of the short-range public transportation of the region. Three hotel’s own bikes and a solar car are available for errands in the city.

Meet our Contributors



Our Partner play animportant role to increase the sustainabiliyt of our hotel. The Energieagentur Regio Freiburg for example counsels and accompanies us on our way to the zero-emission hotel. Together with the agency, we develop the energy-saving concepts and check those concepts for their feasibility. At trade fairs and exhibitions, our environmental commitment is regularly presented by the Energieagentur.

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Umweltpreis der Stadt Freiburg 2011


The hotel Victoria has already received numerous awards for its commitment for the environment. The hotel Victoria is also recommended in all popular travel guides. In the magazine’s “Der Feinschmecker” edition 2011, the hotel Victoria received an award as one of the best hotels in Germany.  

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