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The Green Room

Explore how we achieved the award the most envirnmentally friendly hotel in the world. In our green room you see what we do in our guest rooms, without affecting any of our guests comfort. Just in opposite: you enjoy our comfy beds when falling asleep and may listen to Brahms, a popular german artist. Go to our green room and put you mouse over the small green leafs to see, how we decided to be the most environmentally friendly hotel in the world.

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Cool water from the depths of Freiburg is used for the energy-saving air-conditioning of our hotel. From a depth of 24 meters, a pump draws approx. 10°C cold water from the hotel’s own suction well in the courtyard and supplies a sophisticated heat exchanging system.  Through a pipeline system in the hall ceiling, the cool water circulates into every single room and is then discharged into the earth with a maximum of 16°C where is cools down again. Therefore, it is absolutely not required to install energy-intensive air-conditioning systems.


Water is a valuable asset. This is why our aim is to not pollute water unnecessarily and to reduce the consumption as far as possible without restricting our guests’ comfort. Apart from the measures in the guestrooms, this aim is, among other things, achieved by (only) changing the towels when required as well as by the use of cleaning agents that are environmentally friendly and perfectly adjusted to the level of hardness of the Freiburg water. Sparkling clean rooms and public spaces are taken for granted in our hotel. And we achieve this without having to use harmful disinfectants and flush toilet rim hangers. And due to the fact that rainwater may seep away easily on the paved and non-sealed surfaces in the hotel courtyard we additionally avoid an unnecessary strain of the sewer system. 

Dämmung im BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Victoria in Freiburg


The basis of a sensible protection of the environment is the sensible handling of resources. In order to waste as little energy as possible and at the same time ensure a pleasant indoor climate, it is basically required to have an optimal insulation. Therefore, the entire hotel was equipped with heat and sound insulating windows with triple glazing and the two back buildings were renovated with an energy-saving 24 cm thick insulating.  This insulation helps us saving 60% of energy!

Straßenbahn in Freiburg


Due to the ideal location of the hotel between central station and historic city center, the   Best Western Premier Hotel Victoria as well as many points of interest are within a walking distance.  In order to keep the traffic volume as low as possible and to provide our guests with an ecologic surplus value at the same time, all hotel guests will, during their stay with us, receive free-of-charge tickets for the local public transport. We also provide bikes for trips to the surrounding area. And, if desired, we will arrange for test runs with E-bikes or our own solar car for those of our guests that are less athletic and ambitious. We also make sure that we bundle deliveries as far as possible and prefer to buy ecologic, regional and Fair Trade products for our guests’ comfort.

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