Solarengerienutzung im Victoria Hotel Freiburg
Holzpelletsheizung im Hotel

Use of natural energies


Ecology = long-term economy
As most of the hotel, also the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Victoria is a major consumer of energy. 250.000 kilowatt hours of current and 410.000 kilowatt hours of heat energy are consumed per year. This is the amount of current consumed by 60 households and the amount of heat required for the heating of 15 single-family houses. In order to contribute to the protection of the environment, we rely on the environmentally friendly energy sources of our region: sun, wind, water and wood.

Heat energy

In order to cover the space heating and warm water requirements, we use an up to date wood pellet heating with a flue gas cleaning system. The wood pellets purchased from a nearby saw mill consist of natural, pressed sawdust. During the combustion of wood that is abundantly available in our region, the same amount of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) is generated as was absorbed from the atmosphere during the growth. Therefore, the sustainable forest management of the Black Forest ensures that the CO2-cycle remains closed and harmless for the greenhouse Earth. Those technologies make the BEST WESTERN PREMIER Hotel Victoria as zero-emission hotel.

Solarengerienutzung im Victoria Hotel Freiburg

Generation of electricity

As one of the sunniest regions in Germany, the sun is shining for about 1800 hours per year in Freiburg. So what could be more logical than to use this energy? Currently, our approximately 200 square meter large solar power station on the roof produces approximately 20.000 kilowatt hours of current per year. We also added 4 small turbines in order to make use of the wind. Those turbines additionally produce 2 kilowatt of current. In this combination, our energy roof garden produces an amount of energy sufficient in order to supply all hotel rooms with energy.  The remaining amount of energy required is supplied by the „Stromrebellen“ ("Electricity Rebels", a power plant) from Schönau (EWS). Approximately 70.000 kilowatt hours of green energy are additionally generated per year with our participation in the wind park in Ettenheim.


Energy roof garden

In order to give our guests the chance to gather energy, we also provided for enough space for deck chairs apart from the solar cells. The roof was additionally greened with plants adapted to the dry site. Thus, the hotel roof serves as a meadow for bees on the one hand and on the other hand as an oasis of relaxation for our guests who have a fantastic view over the roofs of Freiburg. This is one more example of how to combine ecology with comfort.

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